We specialize in developing quality website designs which enhance your online image and strengthen your web presence. as an IT Services Company offers distinct online presence for your business which place you on top of your competitors.

We believe in doing instead of just conveying. An unmatched visual appeal is required for making you stand distinct and that is what our integrated team of web consultants, creative designers and programmer’s have in them.Any Professional high quality website design requires the right blend of text, graphics and animation into it.

Swell Technologies is capable to provide you with the artistic and professionally developed web design with the help of latest tools and techniques. E-COMMERCE WEB SOLUTION:Gone are the days, when Internet browsing was used only for information gathering and checking emails. With the advent of broadband and many new technologies, the Internet community is growing. More and more business houses as well as individuals are switching to internet based transactions for their day to day requirements.

Buying and selling through a website is getting popular and reliable. By upgrading to electronic Commerce or Ecommerce you ensure that your company’s information and sales channels are available to your customers 24 hours a day, throughout the year. This gives you increased sales and global presence, not to mention less paperwork and easy access of your product information to a much larger target audience. By switching to e-commerce solutions you also ensure instant payment collection and customer support facilities.We offer a number of easy to integrate

e-Commerce features for your website:- Dynamic web design with Database solutionWEB PROMOTION :You have your website up and ready. It has all the features and good design. It’s also fast and fancy. Great! But, where are the visitors? Who knows about the existence of your website? Is it listed in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc? Are your friends and family the only people visiting your site? What about the rest of the world??? What are those millions of people on the net doing? Which sites are they visiting? Why doesn’t anyone ever visit your website? Just imagine, throughout the world, thousands of consumers are hooking up with new companies every day through their websites, and giving them business. Is your website fetching you, your share?The first step towards enhancing your web presence is to have a well designed web site.But, creating a good website is only a small portion of the good work done.

The other, and often the most crucial part is promoting your Web Site. Your website will not have frequent visitors unless it is well promoted and made popular to the rest of the world. Promoting a website can be a complex task and requires the help of experts with professional strategies.We at Swell Technologies providing SEO services, website Promotion, Web maintenance, listing in major search engine and optimized mainly for Google, MSN, Yahoo and Alta Vista and others too. We will promote your website professionally so that it attracts maximum visitors at all times. We ensure that your website becomes popular and productive, bringing in new business opportunities for you. Our experienced professionals frequently update your website, so that you get new business from your website.

For your website to be promoted, we follow four crucial steps: Search Engine Listing. Search Engine Optimization.Using these techniques will increases page rank ( PR ), Search engine Ranking ( SERP ) & backlinks in Google, Yahoo & MSN and will create maximum possible traffic on your website, which will eventually increase the number of potential customers for you. Our experts develop a well thought plan, according to your requirements, in order to maximize your client base and enhance your publicity campaigns. This helps you gain local as well as International Exposure. We guarantee you increased revenue and website popularity when you choose from one of our standard Web Promotion Packages.

Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to drive traffic to your site for a very low cost per customer. However good rankings are the result of expertise, patience, and hard work.

We adheres to the search engine guidelines for search engine optimization. We focus on ranking your site on top search engines and portals such as Yahoo!, Google, Lycos, AltaVista, HotBot, MSN, WebCrawler, AOL, Netscape search (Netfind), and ODP/dmoz, which account for the majority of searches performed on the Web.

Over time, our 'search engine optimization' process increases your rank on keywords specific to your product or service.

Our services include:

Keyword Identification
We identify the highest requested keywords that match your business. In our experience, a high ranking in large numbers of less competitive keywords result in quicker placement and better traffic than an average rank on competitive keywords.

Competitive Analysis
We identify the top-ranked sites for your target keywords and reverse-engineer their sites to emulate and eventually surpass their success.

Page Content Optimization
'Search engines' give better placement to those sites containing content relevant to the keywords. We will analyze your site content and recommend changes or additions to improve your site's ranking.

Search Engine Submission
We submit your pages to all relevant search engines and manage ongoing submission of updated pages.

Inbound Link Development
Today, some search engines use link popularity - the number of links on the Web pointing to your site - to give sites favorable placement. We identify relevant sites to place links in and solicit the links from them.

Swell Technologies develops smart and appealing web site design which attracts   viewers and effectively convey your message so that you get results. We   focus on making 'web site design' that is easy to navigate,   without compromising aesthetic quality. Our web site design includes   solid graphic design skills, high-end programming web site application,   and innovative web site optimization techniques. We can do web site   design, 'web site re-design' on every aspect of your site, from   graphic design & copywriting to complete web site development work   for you.    

Your web site is your business presence on the Internet. Why would you   entrust your public image to anyone other than a professional web   developer who has the skills necessary to create an appropriate 'web   site design' that actually brings you more business and looks fabulous   and professional? Swell Technologies's customers have many choices these days, and   they will not stick around to view a web site that takes too long to   load or looks cluttered and confusing.

Here is what Swell Technologies Services would do for your business:

  • Work with you on a web site design that matches   your company's image
  • Create a unique web site design that is pleasing   view web sites and easy to navigate
  • Strike a balance between good-quality images and   fast download time
  • Swell Technologies that anyone viewing your site will be   able to see the site correctly, no matter what web browser is being   used, no matter what size monitor they have
  • Swell Technologies that your web   site design looks good at any resolution
  • Get your web site ranked high with search   engines and maintain a high ranking
  • Offer 'affordable web site hosting'.

Here is a complete chart of how we work: 

  • Determine Your web sites Purpose
  • Divide Your web site into Logical Sections
  • Develop a Site Navigation System
  • Give Your web site an Attractive 'Look and Feel'
  • Build Basic Webpage Templates
  • Construct Your web site to Be Search Engine   Friendly
  • Incorporate Customer Communication Systems
  • Create and Test Effective Sales Pages
  • Conduct Usability Trials and Incorporate Changes

Your web sites 'visual appeal' and its ability to   communicate your message clearly to your potential customers can make or   break your online presence. Our team (Visulaisers   Web Designer)   invests heavily to stay on top of new developments in technology and   'Internet Marketing techniques', but you will be pleased to know we are   customer-focused rather than just technology-focused. We will make sure   your online business is customer-focused too!

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